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Why is Better Living needed?


Historically, people with learning disabilities were socially unacceptable, treated as social outcasts they were hidden away from society in asylums until their demise.


Thankfully, we have moved on considerably from those dark days, and it is now more generally appreciated that they should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest extent of their abilities, and also that they have many contributions to make to the lives of others. 


Nevertheless, there remains a long way to go!


The elderly, generally continued to live within the family and became the “support system” for the younger, married members, doing cleaning, cooking, child-minding and other house-hold tasks for the remainder of their lives – remembering of course, there was a considerably shorter life expectancy!

The current situation


Certainly, residential care homes are now smaller and more intimate, but they can also be extremely isolating. The development of a country is measured by its treatment of the vulnerable members of its society, and it’s time that our country started to work at drawing these people back into the heart of their communities where they belong.


It should also be remembered that people are now living considerably longer, which is creating large, and ever-increasing, numbers of very elderly people who require residential care. In addition, the advancements of medical science are now keeping people (of all ages) alive, where previously the extent of their disabilities would have taken their lives.  There are, therefore, many more people surviving with a wide variety of disabilities too – so the existing problems are only going to get worse!

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Better Living starts here!

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