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meaning Divine Inspiration.

THEA is a young woman with severe learning disabilities and the inspiration for this Project.
Meet Thea.


Thea is the youngest of three children – Howard and Nigel being her elder brothers. Although the biggest and strongest of the three children at birth, Thea became ill at the tender age of 9 weeks, and was hospitalised.


Thankfully, she survived, but has, sadly, suffered severe brain damage from oxygen starvation after being left in Status Epilepticus for almost 3 hours in the hospital.  


Now, in her forties, she functions at the developmental age of circa 18 months, with no speech; semi-continence, and requiring assistance with every bodily function.  


Over the years, although there has been no true diagnosis made of her condition, she has been labelled by the Authorities as “Failed Cot Death”; “Cerebral Palsy”; “Mentally handicapped”; “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS), and "Reyes Syndrome” – but continues to be labelled by the family as “My Baby”; “Little Sister”, and “Auntie Thea”!

Making friends and working together


Throughout the development of Better Living, we will be making every endeavour to link and work with individuals, and both statutory and voluntary bodies, to share ideas and plans to improve the quality of life of these vulnerable people, as well as to reduce the ever escalating cost of their care.


We are seeking Friends of Better Living – concerned and empathetic individuals who share our concerns and are prepared to lend their names to our project as supporters or Friends. We want to show the government that people in this country truly care!

Can we count on you as a friend?

Please read more about the aims of the project. If you feel you can add your name to our website as a supporter please click the link.

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